Comics – 022: Need For Speed Sonic Underground

  • ‘Need For Speed Sonic Underground’ was completed 03 /06/05.
  • The comic is a bit of a dig at the ‘Shadow The Hedgehog’ game and some decisions made regarding it.
  • ‘Gunfight At The Less Than Satisfactory Corral’ is a homage to the movie ‘Gunfight At The OK Corral’
  • NFSSU was originally going to be an entire comic special on a NFS take off.
  • I count two Eggmen, with Bass, Dr.Wily and Dr.Dot from Megaman.
  • The ‘survey said’ and frame three are referring to the TV show ‘Family Fortunes’
  • You have no idea how many other things might have been on those ‘mature’ signs.
  • The Gangsta Amy speech is again a dig at Need For Speed Underground‘s main game opening sequence.
  • Gangsta Amy is sporting the quintessential chav accessory – the burberry baseball cap!
  • And, though it’s not clear she’s got a $ sign pendant, Nike shoes and a camo print dress.
  • Shadow’s got some of those wrap around shades too!
  • Yes! It Shadow drives a DeLorean! I’m assuming he was observing the 88mph speed limit.
  • And yes it’s the DeLorean from the Back To The Future video game.
  • We haven’t even got around to discussing the aliens and the guns yet – so, like James Bond: THE BOARD WILL RETURN.