Comics – 015: The People’s Fox

  • "Special D-FX" was completed 25/01/05.
  • It’s the first comic of 2005 and comes after a very long gap. AAUK’s computer had died and he had to find a new copy of Photoshop.
  • It’s also the first comic since SW recieved!
  • We’re back with Shadow, Knux and Tails!
  • The comic’s name is Special D-FX (or ‘special defects’). T’is a play on Special Effects or SFX.
  • Pyrotechnics supplied from Super Mario Land and Legend of Zelda LTTP.
  • The Titantron or rather ‘Tailstron’ images are knicked from Chris Jericho’s actual enterance video.
  • The look at Tails’ back is an all new sprite I created for this comic.
  • This comic for some reason had a lot of alternative titles:
    • Why2Tails
    • Pyromaniacal
    • Tailsaholics Annonymous
    • Pretensious? Hedgehog?
    • and finally W.W.T.F
  • Other newness includes the Knuckles sprites in frames 8 and 9 which are altered facially.
  • Plus the brand new KevsKingdom.Com logo!
  • People seem to like psycho Shadow…
  • …don’t tell him I said that okay?