Comics – 013: Five Goooold Rings

  • This comic was the second Sonic Wrecks Special and the first Christmas Special!
  • The comic itself was finished after MUCH work on December 20th 2004.
  • This features the first appearance of the ‘Will Of The Author’ represented by the Master Hand.
  • There are so many edited sprites in this comic it’s not worth naming them all. But note Alzari’s festive get up!
  • The SW Affiliates area features the graphical representation of Haze from ShadowGrounds (Shadow w/blue trim) & Matt from Sonic Vegemite (light blue S.Adv Sonic).
  • The reason Cold Turkey (#012) was chosen was because Sonic Vegemite decided to affiliate with SW after Cold Turkey because "It 0wned all".
  • Poor Charmy… AGAIN. *Sniggers*
  • 9 would of course be 9 Drummers Drumming (depending upon your version of ’12 Days’) the green hedgehog if you didn’t know is Sonic’s ‘brother’ Manic from Sonic Underground – a drumming nutcase.
  • Tails and Knuckles’ beards are beards from Dr.Dot of Megaman.
  • The 5 Gold Rings Container was pinched from a Sonic Adv. 2 sprite sheet.
  • Another guest character! This time Bunnie Rabbot from the Archie related Sonic series and comics. Also Tikal makes a very rare appearance.
  • The Gents loo was made out of various Eggman machine parts.
  • The one and only appearance of Miss Will of The Author! Hence the pink glove.
  • People sometimes forget Rouge is a thief by trade…