Comics – 009: Whinging Kitsune, Hidden Hedgehog

  • As you may have gathered. It’s title is a parody on ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’.
  • RIP Yoshi. Check out the previous comics to find out why.
  • The ad Knuckles refers to was voted the greatest of all time and is a Guinness one from about 1999.
  • The ad shows a group of surfers waiting for the ‘perfect’ wave. It is set purely in black and white.
  • The featured surfer eventually after much waiting gets his wave. The spray behind him as he rides it forms the shapes of a great many white horses. When he reaches the shore he is tackled by his friends and they all celebrate his amazing ride.
  • A voiceover reads the Moby Dick text shown.
  • Gerry Anderson creations such as Thunderbirds and Stingray were all filmed in Supermarionation.