Comics – 007: Welcome To Reduxville

  • Why do the words ‘not for long’ spring to mind Charmy?
  • Comic #007: ‘Welcome To Reduxville’ was completed on 6th September 2004
  • It’s title is a reference to the introduction of the Redux Rabble. The Redux Saga is a series of four fanfiction works worked off and on by Ben ‘Digicowboy’ Campion and Kevin ‘ArchangelUK’ Eva since 2001 to the present. Starting with ‘Reality Redux’, then ‘Triforce Redux’, ‘Martian Successor Redux’ and ‘Redux IV: Final Redux’ all of which can be found on Fanfiction.Net.
  • Redux is latin for ‘return’ or ‘returned’. But was actually used as at the time Apocalypse now Redux had come out on DVD and the word "Sounded cool."
  • In Redux Angelus has white hair, hence his white(ish) spines.
  • The Alzari dictionary is an edited front cover of the current Oxford English dictionary.
  • The red symbol an edited version of the Redux logo.
  • DC (Ben) actually hails from the South-East of England and therefore has nothing to do with the northern dialect shown in the ‘motto’.
  • It seems according to the cover Alzari doesn’t like Z words…