Comics – 006: The Everyday Happenings Of Shadow…

  • This comic was originally the very first Sonic Wrecks Special and used to bare the number #S01.
  • What is that Sonic has in his hand?
  • Definition of a ‘special’? It’s a direct parody of something and is outside the normal story arc of the comic. Hence the ‘Shadow Head’ logo is now Super Shadow!
  • This was not the only first for the comic, as it was the first to use the V2.0 colour scheme and edited look. And using enlarged sprites.
  • The title takes it’s name from the ‘correct’ title of Weebl and Bob: ‘The Everyday Happenings Of Weebl and sometimes Weebl’s Friend Bob’.
  • Poor Charmy… *Sniggers*
  • The Eggwaxinator is made from various bits of Eggman sprites and a monitor.
  • This comic was finished 6th August 2004.
  • Why isn’t Knux actually guarding the emerald?
  • Rouge is right: The background from the instant the explosion occurs begins to fade in to the colour on Weebl and Bob comics.
  • This comic for reasons unknown didn’t immediately appear on webcomiclist and I had to envoke the help of the MIGHTY (and ironically associate of Weebl) Webmonkey Ash. So he must have seen this – I wonder what he thought?
  • EggSonic, EggShadow and Egg^2Man were all drawn by me!
  • Back to the can of coke: it is an actual image of a can of Coca-Cola shrunk veeeeeeeeeery small.
  • Even the font and style of the speechbubbles of the Eggs are the same as Weebls – Or as near to them as possible. As was some of the termanology used. I was rather miffed I couldn’t find a way to include the immortal line ‘Oh bumclouds!’
  • Notice they’re even rocking backwards and forwards?