Comics – 001: Holding Out For A Hero

  • Welcome to the comic notes! I’ll be letting you in on all the ins and outs of the comics; pointing out the little things here and there that might interest you, explaining the references and of course telling you when it was made in the first place.
  • This is the very first issue of Sonic Wrecks was finished on April 8th 2004. And was adjusted in May.
  • It first appeared on on 4th July, as a result this is considered to be Sonic Wrecks’ birthday – ironic with it’s British roots that it should be on Independence Day in the US.
  • Originally Sonic Wrecks was part of ArchangelUK’s websiteKevsKingdom.Com which celebrates it’s 10th anniversary in2007. Sonic Wrecks went on to out grow it’s parent site,becoming more popular than KevsKingdom ever could. AAUK decidedto ‘float off’ SW as it’s own entity.
  • The cycle would be complete in Decemeber 2006 when SonicWrecks swallowed up KevsKingdom.Com and it’s content cannow be found amongst other things in ‘The Vault’.
  • This first comic is set somewhere before the ‘Finalhazard’attack on the Biolizard at the end of SA2.
  • The title “Holding Out For A Hero” is a referenceto the 80’s song of the same name by Bonnie Tyler.
  • The ‘Shadow Head’ SW insignia was created by ArchangelUKediting a Sonic version. SEGA have never used such an imagein any game or media and as such is considered copyrightArchangelUK..
  • What Mrs.Granger did with the jam I leave up to your ownimagination…
  • You’ll always find some more gags tucked away in the smallprint (disclaimer) at the bottom of the comic.