What Is “A Job”? – A Response

Apparently there is some hatin’ on me at the moment – nothing new frankly, I’m used to being disliked for one reason or another. Apparently working for SEGA has “changed me” and I’m not doing the Community any favours or what not.


I work my ass off 24/7 – and it IS 24/7, to try and make things better for you guys, the NiGHTS guys and any other people who fall under my games remit. Me going “above and beyond” has been noted, to give you a clue I started work 90mins early today in fact I’m working so hard on so many things I’m actually making myself ill over it. Ask Echo Hawk who is getting all kinds of worried about it.

I will always be a Sonic fan and part of the community and will stick up for you when the going gets tough – whilst there may be times where I get in contact and say “please remove this” because of thebreaking of an agreement etc, if an ISP is getting a bit pissy at you because of “copyrighted material” let me know and 99 time out of 100 I’ll be able to step in and give you a hand – unless you’ve done something truly reprehensible.

I will NOT be held to ransom over it that it is for the “greater good”. SEGA allow all sites – you, me, TSS, Yoda, SSN, Vegemite, Style, SSR, SEGA Radio, NiD, S2B, Retro, GHZ, FFM, ET-F’n-C to have media up because yes you are advertising their products but more because we’re genuinely impressed with what you do.

However, if you post up details of a private SEGA FTP unsurprisingly you won’t be on my Christmas list as you aren’t doing yourself any favours in proving to those who still live in the world of print that the average Sonic fan is worth more personal attention than just a cursory nod of acknowledgement but after over 16 years is – y’know, worth consulting about the product. I’m constantly battling against those higher up who do not neccessarily see the value in what I and you guys do. That is not a personal slight against you by them – they simply don’t understand the way it works online.

Incidentally, do you think I’m somehow the only person connected with SEGA who keeps an eye on the likes of CuLT? Do you think that things like this are somehow NOT seen before hand or at the same time by others and somehow ignored? Those that know me know I am a very outspoken defender of their abilies at finding titbits out within games – I think its cool. If I was SO completely anti-them would I reference their Sonic 06 discoveries in my interview with Bentley Jones? No.

Its my job to get coverage online – FACT and yes, I want you guys talking about the product as that generates said coverage in terms of reviews, etc. Those people who come to the community days and get the free games DO KNOW this – and they are invited on that basis, they are your peers and as such you are generally likely to listen to what they have to say. They are the bloggers, writers, broadcasters, etc. Their opinions are noted and looked for.

If that statement has somehow shocked you – oh dear.

Here’s another one though: regardless of what you think or have opinions on there are those at SEGA, besides me, WHO CARE ABOUT YOU.

I will GLADLY include others within the community days as and when I can (though I am obviously limited in numbers), you know you can email me and say “look I do this, click here can you consider me for any community day in the future”. You do KNOW that right?

Would I be trying to raise money with SEGA to support Summer of Sonic and make it a groovy – perhaps annual event if I didn’t give a damn?

With regard to Race To Name, two things – without me Race To Name would not have happened and had SCD not closed down SW wouldn’t have had a choice through its other staff – SW was agreed as an entrant purely becuase of the sudden gap that was left between high and lower tier UK related sites. That’s all I’m saying on that matter. And yes some people do get extra merch, but that’s because they help out on things that you do not neccessarily see.

So yes, there we go, I’ve completely wasted the time I gained coming in early having to write this and I’m fundamentally aware that in the end nothing will change but I’m not a faceless corporate monstrocity and I am one of you guys so that gives me the goddamn right to sound off straight back at you when you have a go at me – or people who I work with – or my friends.

Those of you who think this job is all ice cream, lolipops and candy can get stuffed. Those of you think I’m somehow the Worst Thing Evar™ consider yourself bunged up with Paxo too.

I have nothing but respect for those that resulted in this post, however don’t expect me to sit back and just say nothing either.

Meanwhile I’ll get on with what I was going to do today, Samba De Amigo’s website proposal, Marvel stuff, Sonic City’s redesign and behind the scenes work on Summer of Sonic and Chronicles.

Guess who those last three are for…

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

Gamer, scholar, gentleman & fountain of useless trivia, LMC's boss-man extraordinaire is also a super-awesome Community Manager who has worked on projects for SEGA, Square Enix, Konami, Capcom and more. Once co-created and hosted an international fan-convention because he can do that sort of thing.

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