SW Exclusive – Night Of The Werehog Original Storyboard

Well I’m back inside from a failed social excursion which must mean its time to bury myself in website work to obscure the cry of sorrow emanating from my lonely and battered soul. /wrists

Which I SUPPOSE is good for you guys, I guess. 😛

From your Twitter responses in the battle of what goes up tonight the overall winner was the Sonic: Night Of The Werehog storyboards which just sneaked it from the Secret Rings concept art, well I am if nothing but a man of my word and here it is. The cunning Depository research team actually came across a document containing the storyboards for the original draft of Night of the Werehog back when it was under its working title Sonic In The Horror House. You may remember this from the work in progress footage we posted in July last year.

What we’ve got here is page six of the storyboards ten specific drawings, although these appear in a different order in the annotated document curiously. The chosen page features a section I’m sure you will recognise: the transformation scene as Sonic the Werehog prepares to deal with the ghostly knight terrorising himself and Chip. Or, as he is in the annotations in the document we have, his old name Whip. Something the Blognik revealed waaaay back in time actually…

There are other changes as well, notably there are THREE sets of eyes staring out knight’s helmet. This is because in the original draft there are indeed three ghosts, all of whom are male with the female ghost plotline completely absent. The two male ghosts are here, minus their bow tie and bandana but a third male ghost – a stereotypical bookworm rounds of the threesome. Its likely this “three bad ghosts” concept was partly dropped to avoid allusions to the Uncles (or “The Ghostly Trio”) from the Casper The Friendly Ghost franchise.

We’ll be putting up more storyboards and revealing more script details of the original draft over the next few weeks. For now check out the ten frames of page 6 and let us know what you think by dropping a comment in the box at the bottom of the page!

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    I think I saw these storyboards before… someone had linked them at the SSMB status updates a few months ago. I’m not sure if that particular one was in the set, though, because I certainly don’t remember the three male ghosts bit. But I definitely remember the alt. ending with the ghost girl slapping Sonic. XD

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    Sahweet..Still to this day love this game…just finished Generations last night…What a way to end the game on fighting the EGG DRAGOON…ah the memories of EGGMANLAND lolz…still a fun game but holy shiznit…did I lose my arse on EGGMANLAND…99 lives..I started with…when I ended I think I had less than 30 left…I suck! lol

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