SW At The London MCM Expo Part 2 – More Pictures & My Thoughts

The London MCM Expo May 2011.

This was my first time ever going to the Expo, I had seen the rest of them via YouTube videos when I first heard about it, and for my first time going there I really did enjoy myself, so many people, the cosplays, the stands, the atomsphere everything was just fantastic.

And of course I wasn’t going to go without my camera, so here are a few pictures that I took during the weekend:

Waiting in the queue (Left: Urtheart, Center: Nemain, Right: ShadowFox04)

Even before the Expo was even open the atomsphere was just electrifying, eveyone was so stoked and excited about the day and indeed the whole weekend, and then when the almighty doors opened the whole queue just erupted, with many people shouting, laughing and there were high fives all over the place, and that was when the queue was starting to move.

Nemain getting serenaded by ze Red Medic………lucky


Here is another picture of the awesome Sonic Cosplay Group at the Expo, the only thing i’m suprised about this group picture is that EGGMAN has got more hair on his head than on his face…..a new style maybe?

During our time at MCM we saw many cosplayers from many different games, animes, magas, movies etc heck we even saw a Brony (which of course me & Vger were very pleased to have found another Brony) wondering around the place. Plus a few people did also recognize us as well as the “Call of Duty: Zombie Crew” and asked if they could take some pictures of us, which we gladly said yes to and that is one other thing I really like about MCM, if you cosplay as a character (however unknown or popular that character is), and then people start recognizing you of who you are cosplaying as, and they ask if they could take a picture of you, it is a really nice feeling to have when people go (as a example) “OMG YOUR THE CALL OF DUTY ZOMBIE CREW, CAN I PLEASE TAKE A PICTURE OF YOU GUYS!!!!!!”

One of my main highlights of the weekend, getting a photo with Bayonetta, i’m so happy

Aww and look at Vger, all happy and smiley that he got a photo taken with Bayonetta as well and to be honest, i’m not surprised he is

All in all this years MCM Expo was fantastic even though it was my first one, it was still amazing I loved every single second of it, the cosplays were all fantastic, the games that were there on display looked really awesome & the merch stands were soooooo good there was so much there that I really wanted to get (I did however get myself a absolute classical game but it was for the N64, hate me if you must).

So once again really great weekend, really enjoyed myself, I had so much fun and I cannot wait for The MCM Expo to return again this October. 😀

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    Warning about the merch stands, however – basically, 100% of the plushies and Nendoroids available there were counterfeits. I was so depressed when I finally saw an HMO Miku on display – and its face was shiny plastic…

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