Sonic Tweet: A Glossary Of Made Up Terms To Help You Look Like An Expert

Ever sat back and thought: Sonic Tweet needs to be more stupid? Well we at Sonic Wrecks often think this of most things so we’ve compiled a list of terms you can use to describe actions in Sonic Tweet that will cause those not in the know to be impressed.  At the least you knowing they are stupid makes you better than those who will think you’re some kind of an expert in the game at any rate.

Do you have any more? Leave them in the comments.

BadgeringTo ask around in order to complete a set.

Basement Dweller/Dwelling – To get a really bad run of low scores.

Bottomfeeding – Tactic to dash all your low rank spare cards whilst keeping high rank spares.

CC’d Carbon Copied: To get the same card twice in a row.

Dash & BurnTo waste a dash gained by not having enough space in your bar.

Dash WhoreTo dash and spam for a concerted period.

1812To get the tricolour Crabmeat card.

FMD“Fat Man Down” / defeated Robotnik.

Getting Pally To match with a friend on a tweet.

GGAOA – Good Great Awesome Outstanding Amazing: Win a Wisp card

GGT Greater Good Trade: To help a fellow player with a troublesome missing card that leaves you in a weaker position.

Groundhogging – To keep getting the same card over and over again.

Harvester Duplicate Twitter account created purely to assist with Sonic Tweet card.

INUIt’s No Use: To fail to get a wanted card during the 24 hour period.

KDA – Kan(ji)-Do Attitude – Using Japanese or any foreign words to score big.

OMTOne More Tweet/Turn

06’d Tweet failed to register

Overclocked To dash a card without realising the clock was about to expire and regenerate the turn required.

OverquillTo defeat Robotnik with a huge score but with only a small amount of HP actually left, thus the majority of the score being wasted.

QuickSilverTo immediately dash a card due to not liking it physically.

Rainbow DashingTo score big when discussing MLP

Ranker – To get a possible high scoring tweet.

RHW – Random Highscoring Word

Scrambling Dashing multiple Eggman cards.

SISsy “See If It Sticks”: Loading a tweet up with random words to see if it gets a big score.

Slithered To be left with only a minute piece of HP to remove that any valid tweet would do.

Splash and Dash – To use a quick dash in order to finish a bar.

Topsy TradeTo trade a high card for a low card.

Twails – To tweet and see Tails go past in the Tornado as you do so.

URD Unexpected Rank Difference: To trade a low rank card for a high rank card.

YackedTo get a match with a Wisp power word.

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