Sonic Spinball Grand Opening At Alton Towers – Pt 1

It’s not every day you’ve get to go to a theme park as part of your work, but Sonic Spinball’s opening at Alton Towers allowed for just that. Hey, if a day out to open the ride is called for, I’m sure I can stretch myself to cover that – right?

Alton Towers called but who would be coming with us? Luckily I was able to invite some of our online contacts along including G from SEGA Nerds, Girl Gamers, SPOnG and Destructoid as well as  the great and the good from the Community.  As this was a celebration combined with a bit of a preview of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, I thought it probably best to invite the people who never really got a chance to play the game at Summer of Sonic. Namely the staff!

So you had representatives from Sonic Stadium and the SSMB, Sonic Wrecks, Emerald Coast, Sonic Showcase Network and SEGASonic Radio. I even managed to coax out Overlord from Sonic Retro to join in the fun. I missed out on Zone 0 though, next time gadget – next time!

Plus I thought it only prudent to reward the admins for their tireless (and noisy) campaigning – this was before of course NiGHTS’ participation as flagman was actually confirmed, btw.  You’d never *squee* guess *squee* they had *squee* been invited though. They were OH so quiet about it(!) ;P

We met up about 11am outside Green Park tube station in London, pretty much opposite The Ritz and awaited for everyone to turn up! G had for some reason been there for ages and I already had three of the Community in tow with me from my house.  I’m gonna have to start charging people rent I think. In a very impressive turn pretty much all the Community people turned up before the Press people – keeness~! Naturally a certain long haired webmaster/journalist surprised no-one to be the last to actually materialise from the Community.

Naming no names, of course.

After a few frantic phone calls to find people we were able to get on the coach – something I was rather greatful for as I’d been stuck on the corner in the damp and cold for about an hour by this point.  Soon we were on our way, each member of the coach quickly tucking in to a perpared lunch, which I may add was very tasty indeed. Now on the way there I made sure everyone was okay but one thing was still very much in doubt – who would be sleeping in the Sonic Room?

Yes – the Sonic Room, a theme room new to Alton Towers hotel where you can litterally stay in a room bedecked in Sonic splendor. It’d been kindly agreed that one of the Community members would be able to stay in the room, so at a hideously early hour that morning whilst half-asleep I out together a fiendishly difficult quiz.  After all, these guys are the creme de la creme supposedly so they should have nooo problems in answering ten tough questions, right?


Okay nine questions and one put in for irony’s sake!

How about you try out the quiz and see how you’d do? Just for funsies! Using Wikis are obviously a cheats way and those who do will be cursed with the voice of Omochao.

Or Jet. So it is written.

1. What’s the number of (controllable) female characters in All-Stars Racing ? This does not include Avatars, Miis or any that may make up part of the scenary of a stage – like Samba’s Lynda for instance.

You’ll need to think about that one a bit…

2. Including Sonic, how many characters were in the axed band idea from Sonic 1?

3. What colour are Sonic’s eyes in Sonic 4? (This would be the one for irony. )

4. Nigel Kitching from Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic wanted to include Big the Cat in the Sonic Adventure storyline as he reminded him of which anime character?

5. What’s the name of the main boss in Sonic Chronicles? A bonus mark was also on offer for the name and full title.

6. As you all no doubt recall Shadow cursed during his game, but other characters also did – name one.

7. What was the name of the bear animal friends from Sonic 2?

8. What were Sonic and Tails sleeping in in the Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog opening?

9. In the Egyptian episode of Sonic Underground’s song, what word did Sonia “cleverly” rhyme with “brothers”?

10. Omochao has been in a SEGA franchise other than Sonic – what?

In part 2 – The answers, opening the ride, the ride itself and a King’s ransom in plushies.

Kevin Eva

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