New Official Sonic Merchandise Designs!

Today, Official Sonic Merchandise released 7 images of possible T-shirt designs and two mugs on their FaceBook!

Designs range from a 1-up icon from Sonic Advance 3, to a very interesting design that actually takes from a Sonic the Hedgehog comic cover (Issue 218 to be exact!), which is a first! As well as a Knuckles, Shadow AND Metal Sonic T-shirt that should please their fans!

The only catch is… “Like or comment if you want to see this on the store soon“. Meaning your favourite design may not be made unless you get liking/commenting here!

As for the mugs, which I’m sure all of you are happy to hear about, are looking great!

So, what T-shirts do you want, and which mug, if not both, do you want? Not fussed on anything shown?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

[Source-Official Sonic Merchandise Facebook Page]


Author: Rabid Noodles

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    OMG I’m a big sonic fan!Wow your really great at this stuff.Now I may be a sonic fangirl but i don’t act like the rest by obsessing over him and being in love w/ him…..or think he’s real…..(yuck poor sonic) But you are pretty cool! This is awesome!

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