Merch Madness #2: Sonic Adventure NiGHTS Chao Plush

Welcome to Merch Madness, a special segment over here on Wrecks for you hungry merch-hogs to come over and view various trinkets that we’ve managed to grapple from the hand of the voracious merch hunter T-Bird. Each article will profile an unusual, new, rare or just plain odd piece of merchandise that has caught our eye lately. From 1991 to 2012, we’ve got merch galore!

This week we’ve got some Dreamcast era merchandise for you to feast your eyes on, but we can’t help but shake the feeling that we might be being watched somehow...

Those eyes! They stare right into my soul!

This Merch Madness sees the spotlight shine on the Sonic Adventure NiGHTS Chao plush doll. Produced as part of the second wave of the UFO plush line released when Sonic Adventure came out, this little guy is among the most sought after of the set along with the elusive Gamma plush. It’s a very large Japanese plush at 10″ tall, and is classed as “Super Jumbo” according to its tush tag. The attention to detail is astounding too – The wings and horns are airbrushed, as are the paws. It even has a tiny devil tail – All the details are accurate to the game!

So, fancy nabbing one of these for your Chao garden? I featured this plush on Emerald Coast a while back, but the recent price climb has pushed this particular plushie right back into the spotlight. Why? If you want one of these, they now run as high as $1,000. Yes, you read that right – At the start of this year one of these little guys managed to fetch that price on the Ebay auction site! That’s the sort of money this writer can only dream about…

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