The Beginning

So a Sonic the Hedgehog related gaming site, where do you begin with explaining THAT. Well it actually started with the now defunct Sonic Site Awards back in 2003, back in those days when the internet was very young and Sonic Adventure even younger there was a great many more Sonic websites then there are now.

A LOT more.

One day a young university student called Kevin Eva came across the Awards through searching random things during an all-nighter. Hew saw the sprite comics up for this award and couldn’t quite believe his eyes. “Jeez, I could do better than that.”

So, he did. Originally created as part of the KevsKingdom.com website, Kevin – known as ArchangelUK (or AAUK for short) set about creating a Sonic website in his own time. The website became knows as Sonic Wrecks – a pun on then current cartoon Sonic X.

In time the strip got quite a following, it shied away from the traditional three-four frame strips of the time and did big sprite comics involing multiple locations. It had an ongoing story-arc. Was it the best thing ever? Well, no. But at least they were being different.

For a few years Sonic Wrecks just sort of existed on the fringes of the Community. Eventually though they became noticed.

2006 And Breaking Through:

By 2006 the number of sites were starting to dwindle slightly. In Sonic’s 15th year Sonic Wrecks started Radio Redux which was the first Sonic related podcast in the world and in fact one of the very first video game related ones to be listed by Apple on iTunes. Sonic Wrecks began winning Sonic Site AWards for entertainment and comics and getting noticed as one of the real up and coming websites.

SW was one of the sites invited to take part in the inaugural Summer Of Sonic celebration and it created a very special pardody version of the website called Winter Of Robotnik which is still well remembered. All this and two special Radio Redux episodes.

It was this year that Sonic Wrecks started becoming more visible to other websites and SEGA personnel too, we met up with Dreadknux and T-Bird for the first time as well as Richard Jacques & TJ Davis. We began talking with SEGA for the first time.


In 2007 ArchangelUK actually started working for with SEGA Europe as Online Community Manager. Whilst in 2008 Sonic wrecks became a real front-line sonic site when they co-organised with The Sonic Stadium the first Summer Of Sonic convention in London with the help of SOE.

We took part in the community’s “A Race To Name” competition for Sonic Chronicles, and Sonic Wrecks was also the center of a viral campaign run by SEGA to promote Sonic Unleashed. Sonic Wrecks was the first site to feature the Werehog VS Ring teaser video – 800k views and .


Over the next few years Sonic Wrecks worked up to the ranks, at one time swapping places with The Sonic Stadium as the biggest Sonic fansite in the UK and we’re generally now considered number three behind Stadium and Sonic Retro – SW perhaps the last surviving site of its particular era. In 2010 the three teamed up to reveal the first footage of Sonic’s new voiceactors within Sonic Colours, we’ve also helped out UK Channel 5’s The Gadget Show and Video Games Live with media content and information during this time.

We brought Radio Redux to SEGASonic Radio to help it survive and in 2010 became the first podcast to broadcast on both SSR and rival Radio SEGA simultaneously. That and of course Summer Of Sonic has gone from strength to strength – whilst it seems eternally linked with The Sonic Stadium and our own contribution may seem to be forgotten most of the time, those in the know are aware that SOS simply wouldn’t have taken place without a lot of hard work from our end. 2011 will be the last SOS to get assistance from SW however, we’ve had enough of being “the forgotten man” thanks very much.

AAUK left SEGA in March 2011, though not before leaving great dirty finger prints all over Sonic Generations – actually succeeding at getting NACK the Weasel to cameo in the game. (Which should be worth a medal in itself.)

We’ve rocked with Crush 40, caused mischief with Tommy Tallerico, had lunch around Bentley Jones’ house, hung out with Yuji Naka, spoke with Iizuka-san and Sonic Team at their Japanese offices, got slightly plastered with Richard Jacques and more. Yet a lot of the fanbase don’t even know we’re even here!

We’re news breakers, name takers, we’re you’re alternate Sonic The Hedgehog fansite. We’re SONIC HEROES!

Er, I mean Sonic Wrecks.